Monday, 19 September 2011

Boat Building Timber

Vickers Timber Vickers

S.L. Hardwoods Ltd Hardwoods

Boat Building Tools

Workshop HeavenWorkshop

The Steam Boat Association

The Steam Boat Association of Great Britain Steam

Coast Rowing Association and clubs

Scottish Coastal Rowing Association Scottish coast rowing

Ullapool Coastal Rowing Club Ullapool

Rowing Clothing

J L Racing JLRACING Rowing clothing

2 xu shop Performance clothing 2xu compression clothing

The British Rowing Clothing Range ROCK THE BOAT

Rowing Boat Rigging Tools

Rigging Tools for rowing boats Active-tools

Rowing boat Insurance

Elite Rowing Insurance Rowing Insurance

Noble Marine Insurance Noblemarine

Rowing Boat Museum

River and Rowing Museum Rowing Museum based at Henley on Thames. This is the only museum
in the world to celebrate the history and heritage of the sport of Rowing.

Boat Builders Book Shop

Water Craft Magazine produce a very good Magazine covering Designing boats, Building boats and using boats. They also surply an extensive range of books called the Boatbuilder's bookshop everything you need to know so try there website The Boatbuilders Bookshop
Here are just some of the books avalable to give you an idea
Canoe rigs, Lofting, Ultralight Boatbuilding, Building classic small craft, Building small boats,
Home Boatbuilding, Fitting out boats, Clinker Plywood boatbuilding manual, etc...etc......

Rowing Magazine

The official magazine for British Rowing is called Rowing and Reggatta this is not available in the shops so you need to go to the British Rowing website to join to receive the magazine.
British Rowing
They also have a very good website to find your local rowing club. They produce a yearly Almanac of the years Rowing events etc.......

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Rowing Shoes

ES Rowing rowing shoes esrowing

Active Tools active tools

Coach, Umpiring and Safety boats

Rowing Solutions Rowing Solutions

WinTech Racing OARSPORT

Indoor Rowing Machines

CONCEPT 2 indoor rowing machine Concept2 rowing

Rowing Blazers

Collier & Robinson  Blazer for henley etc...  Blazers

Rowing Boat repair and refurbishment

E S Rowing Services ES ROWING

Confido Racing confidoracing

Fleece Rowing Seat Pads

Pro-Row Fleece Rowing seat pads ProRow

Rowing Boat Trailers

De Graaff TrailersRowing Boat Trailers

Motiv trailers Motive Trailers

Rowing Courses

Thames South West London TeameKeane

Sport Imperial Learn to row

Rowing boat covers and bags

BOATBAGS manufacturer of boat covers etc....

Rowing boat club builders, Refurbishment, design.

Tuke Manson Architects Tuke Manton  Boathouse design, refubishment, Project Management and alterations.

Pontoon floats

Connect A Dock pontoon floats Crayford Marine Ltd Crayford Marine Ltd

Rowing Performance Monitor

Oarsport  Oarsport  Receive Crew Performance in real time Speed Coach.
also they produce the Cox Box and the StrokeCoach

Active Tools Active Tools Performance Monitors

Oar Manufacturer

Here is a list of Oar Manufacturers and suppliers. Do you know of any more.

Oarsport Oarsport Concept 2 Racing Oars

J Suttons Traditional Oar and Scull Makers gigs, skiffs and Coastal
J Sutton

XCELL oars and sculls Xcell

Collars Freeland Yacht Spars Ltd Oar and Scull specialist

Braca-Sport sculls and oars Braca-sport

Janousek Janousek

Rowing Boat Builders

The below list are just some of the Boat Builders and Kit boat manufacturers in the Britain do you know of any more particulary stable rowing boats for expeditions i.e. taking camping equipment with you to stay at campsites or even camp on the boat.

Stanley and Thomas Boatbuilders boatbuilders building ,restoring and repairing

Seabird Boats seabird boats They produce wooden kits and much more check out there website for further information. Rowing skiffs produced SPRITE single hander and the OTTER two person Rowing Skiff

Janousek Racing Boats They make a large selection of Rowing boats like the
coastal range, Training boats and racing skiff. Here are just a few.
Training boats, Training Single, Training Double and the Training Quad all of the are also used for recreational rowing.Coastal boats Coastal Single there is a video of this in action on there website
Coastal Double and the Coastal Quad.

Rushworth Racing Rushworth Racing They build a large selection of Rowing boats from World Championship, Coastal Rowing Boats, River Rowing Boats, Offshore Rowing Boats, Training Boats and Coaching boats. Rowing Hardware.

Oarsport OARSPORT  WINTECH RACING They build a large selection of rowing boats and also sell a large selection of accessories.

Swft Racing SWIFT RACING They produce a large range of rowing boats, Parts and Accessories also
Riggers and fittings. Adaptive Rowing boats also produced.

Rossiter Yachts Rossiter Yachts Ocean rowing boats and other typse including the Spitfire coastal rowing boat.

Ahoy-Boats Ahoy-Boats Inporter to the UK of a range of recreation and training boats like the Turbo 11 and the Turbo Skiff. The 2 man or single man Yole.

Wintech Racing Wintech Racing Large range of Rowing boats built

Fluidesign Fluidesign rowfluid Rowing boat builders

Dreher UK Dreher uk Racing sculls and Sweeps

Empacher Empacher and also empacher2

Hudson Boat Works Hudson

FILIPPI  LIDO wwmarine Rowing boats

Oxbridge Boats Oxbridge

Carl Douglas racing shells Carl

Nestaway boats that fit nestaway

Coastal rowing skiff Gartside boats Gartside

Jordan Boats Jordan Kits for almost any design

Berry Boats Berry Boats Traditional Rowing boats

Fyne Boat Kits Fyne

These are just some of the Builders and Kit boat manufactures do you know of any others. Are ther any Rowing boat designer's out there.


Everything that you need to know about Rowing contact British Rowing
Try explore rowing which is in more stable boats than the racing type.They travel down Rivers and Lake some times for a few days or longer either camping or staying at , B & B, Hotels etc.... as they go.
They also produce a very good magazine which is sent to you when you join. It is a great shame it is not available in the shops as I think this would be the single biggest thing they could do to promote the sport of rowing in all its forms weather its a tipy Racing Boat, Inshore boat, Offshore boat, Classic rowing boats, General purpose sailing boat with oars and small outboard, Rowing boat with camping tent to exploring the rivers and lakes, Whether Rowing is the main source of propulsion or secondary or simple last resort all are welcome.