Tuesday, 7 May 2013

HARE BRAIN - HB31 Design - 1/2 Tonner - Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club - 2013

 Hare Brain - This yacht is a Half Ton IOR production yacht called a
HB31 built by Hunter Boats do you know who design it ?
The yacht is based at Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club. Picture taken 2013
 The yacht to the left of the jetty is a quarter tonner just leaving for the start line off the club house.

D'ARCY SPICE - Silver Shamrock - Ron Holland design - Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club 2013

 D'arcy Spice - is a Silver Shamrock design which has a taller rig and
more ballast than the Golden Shamrock. The Silver Shamrock looks
the same as the Golden Shamrock.
To see a Golden Shamrock look up these yacht name on my web
site Devastation,  Impulse,  Golden Soveriegn,  Fancy That

Ron Holland designed the" Golden Shamrock " ," Silver Shamrock "
and there may have been a design called the " Club Shamrock "

 The Silver Shamrock has a taller rig which you can see in this
picture above the double spreader mast as appose to a single
spreader shorter mast on the Golden Shamrock design

These pictures were taken in 2013 this yacht has been based
at Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club for many years.

here you can see the sail number K5082 has the yacht had any other names ?