Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hazy Blue - Hunter HB31 - 1/2 ton yacht - Holyhead 2013

 Hazy Blue - Hunter HB31 is a Half ton IOR yacht Designed by Van De Stadt
Do you know any racing history about this yacht ?

SmokeHaze - Hustler 32 1/2 ton IOR Yacht - Conwy 2013

SMOKEHAZE - Hustler 32 1/2 ton yacht built in 1982 and is
presently up for sale 2013. Stephen Jones Design

SUPERTRAMP - Scampi 30ft 1/2 ton IOR Yacht - Holyhead 2013

 Supertramp - Scampi 30 1/2 ton IOR yacht. The mast looks like
the original mast, note the 2 spreader mast.
Do you know anything about its racing history and any previous names.

Corpe Digin - Carter Concubine 3/4 ton yacht - Holyhead 2013

 Corpe Digin - the second name (Digin ) is not very clear do you know any
 racing history about this yacht.

In the picture above you can see Ragtime a Carter Ragtime 35ft
3/4 tonner IOR yacht you can also see further pictures of this yacht
in my blogsite racing at Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club in 1983.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

First Quencher - Design not known ?? any ideas - Guernsey 2013

 First Quencher - This picture was taken in Guernsey 2013
Any idea what design she is ?    has quite a bit of tumble holm
Any previous names ?
was it ever raced ?
Masthead rig
Quite narrow on deck note the tumble holm

AMORESS - Wooden IOR Racing yacht - Fleetwood Marina 2013

AMORESS - Wooden IOR racing yacht picture taken 2013
What design is she ?
Any information on racing history ?
Previous names ?

Hydro 28 or possibly a Robber 111E - Pwllheli 2013

 Picture taken at Pwllheli (Wales) in 2013 the yachts possibly a Hydro 28 or a Robber 111E ?
NO name on the yacht

The boat to the left is a GK24

METEOR 11 - What design is she ??? - Beaumaris 2013

Meteor 11 - Photo taken in Beaumaris 2013 do you have any idea what
design of yacht is this ? Who designed it ?
It may possibly be a She production yacht ?

Any racing history ?

Fractional Rig

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY - Robber MK11 - Holyhead 2013

 DAYLIGHT ROBBERY - Robber MK11 pictured here sailing off Holyhead
in 2013.
Do you know who designed this yacht ?
Does it have a Fin Keel or lifting keel ?
Racing history ?

ODD JOB - Stephen Jones Designed 1/4 ton IOR Yacht - Jersey 2013

 ODD JOB -1/4Ton IOR yacht pictured here in Jersey 2013.
Designed by Stephen Jones and built in 1973 for yachting journalist
Jack Knights. ODD JOB has been rebuilt by Casse Tete and had
a new keel and taller rig fitted.
ODD JOB - Sail Numbewr 3341
Built 1973
Won the 1984 British Quarter Ton Championship. Has she won anything else ?