Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sweet Sue - Atlanta 26 - Uffa Fox design - Guernsey 2013

Sweet Sue - Atlanta 26 - Designed by Uffa Fox in 1963.
Built by Fairey Marine
Construction - Hot Moulded Plywood ( production yacht )
This yacht had double lifting keels

Mustard ???? II - Bolero Quarter Ton Yacht - Guernsey 2013

 Mustard ???? II - cannot make out the second name on the side of the yacht
any ideas what it is ?
This yacht is a Bolero Quarter Ton production yacht pictured here in
Guernsey 2013.
Do you know any racing history about this yacht ?

Quartet production designed yacht - Glasson Dock 2013

Name of yacht not known - This design is a Quartet which
is a development of the Quarto ( Quarter Ton IOR Yacht ).
Look up Quarto on this web site for photo's.

 Here you can see the chine on the hull
Masthead rigged

Monday, 11 November 2013

Unknown Yacht - no name - Guernsey 2013

No Name that I can see on the yacht do you know who designed her ?
Is she a production yacht or one off design ?
What construction is she steel , aluminium etc..........?

BRANEC IV - Trimaran - Guernsey 2013

Branec IV - Pictured here in Guernsey 2013
Who designed her ?
Do you know any racing history ?

BABE - Half Ton IOR Yacht - Guernsey 2013

Babe - Ron Holland designed Half Ton IOR yacht.
Built in 1978
Material Wood and Polyester
Do you know any racing history about this yacht ?

 Babe has a masthead rig see picture above

ZBIGNIEW BOLINSKI - Ocean Racer - Yacht for Charter - Guernsey 2013

Zbigniew Bolinsk - Pictured here in Guernsey 2013.
This yacht is for charter see website -   www.coz.com.pl
Do you know any racing history about this yacht ?
Do you know who designed her ?