Tuesday, 29 December 2009

24 Hour Dinghy Team Racing

This is the most well know 24Hour team dinghy racing
even in the UK.

Southport 24Hour Race
Organised by West Lancashire Yacht Club,
on Marina Lake, Southport, Lancashire.

11th and 12th September 2010

Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association

If you are interested in Classic wooden dinghies here are
2 wedsites to visit.

Vintage Wooden Boat Association

and the

Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association

Dinghy Cruising Association

If you are interested in going cruising in your sailing dinghy
check this website out first.

Dinghy Cruising Association

The sort of dinghies people use e.g. Wayfarer, wanderer and
many many othere's

Match and Team Racing

BUSA UniversitiesHere are a few website about Match and
Team Racing both armature and professional.

British University Sailing Association
BUSA Universities

Match Racing
World Match Racing Tour

Team Racing

Team Racing event held each year called the
Wilson Trophy
It has been going for over 60 years.
300 races over 3 days with 250 competitors.
Competitors from all over the world sailing in Firefly dinghies.
lots of university teams.
British open team Racing Championship
Venue : West Kirby saing club
Dates 7 - 9 May 2010

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Yachts, Sport Boats, Keel Boats and Day Boats

Here is a list of various Yachts, Sportboats, Keel Boats
and Day Boats some of which I have video footage of.
Look for the SHOCKWAVE40 name by the boats name
for a video link to www.youtube.com/shockwave40

1. Devon Yawl
( Classic two masted dayboat which is a Fibre
glass version of the Salcombe Yawl)
Devon Yawl Class Association

1a. Dehler 39
Dehler Yachts

2. Liverpool Bay Falcon ( One design with spinnaker )
Liverpool Bay Falcon Class Associatiom

3. Salcombe Yawl ( Wooden Classic Dayboat with two masts)
Salcombe Yawl Class Association

4. Squib ( Tan sails with spinnaker )

5. Flying Fifteen ( One design )
FF15 ovingtons
Flying Fifteen Class Association
videos on Shockwave40

6. Melges 24 ( Advance sport boat )
Melges Class Association

6a. Melges 32
Melges 32 Class Association

6b. Melges 20 (Sports boat)
Melges 20 Class Association

7. X-Treme25
website : g-force

8. Artemis 20 (CARBO Fibre keel boatDesigned for
disabled and able-bodied sailors)

9. OPEN 5.70
Open 5.9 Class Association

9a Bull 7000 ( Sports boat )
Bull Class Association

10. Backman 21 ( One design sportboat with canting keel )
Backman boats

11. Beneteau First 7.5

12. Beneteau 25 ( Strict one-design sportsboat)
Benteau/Platu25 Class Association

13. Dragon (Three Man Keelboat with Spinnaker)
Dragon Class Association

13a. Daring ( Open cockpit keel boat)
Daring Classs Associaion

14. Tempest ( Single trapeze Keel boat with spinnaker)
Tempest Class Association
International Tempest Class Association

14a. TP52

15. RS K6
RSK6 Class Association

16. Etchells
Etchells Class Association

16a. 8mtr
8 mtr Class Association

17. Folkboat ( Strict one design cruiser/racer)
Folkboat Class Association

18. Hawk 20

19. Hunter 707 (Sportsboat with spinnaker)
Hunter 707 Class Association

20. Hunter Formula One ( Lifting Keel )
Hunter Formul One Class Association

21. Hunter Sonata
Hunter Sonat Class Association

22. Illusion ( Mini 12 metre for one person to sail )
Illusion Class Association

23. J24 ( One Design with spinnaker )
J24 Class Association

24. J80 One design with asymmetric )
J80 Class Association

24a. J35
J35 Class Association

24b. J109
J109 Class Association

25. Laser SB3 ( One design sports boat )
Laser SB3 Class Association

26. Martin 16 (One design for paralympic or able-bodied)

27. RS Elite ( Modern 3 man keelboat)
RS Elite Class Association

28. Sandhopper ( Shoal draught 2 man keelboat )
Sandhopper Class Association

29. Cork 1720 ( One design )
Cork class Association

30. Skud 18 ( 2 person paralympic keelboat )

31. 6 Metre
6 metre Class Association

32. Soling ( 3 man Keelboat ex Olypic class)
Soling Class Association

32a. Seascape ( 2man Mini Transat Type sports boat )

32b. S500 (Sports boat)
S yachts

33. Sonar (
Sonar Class Association

33a. Swan 42 ( One Design Yacht)
Swan42 Class Association

33b. Swan 45
Swan45 Class Association

34. Star (2 man Olympic class)
Star Class Association

34a. Sigma 33 ( One design yacht )
Sigma 33 Class Association

34b. Sigma 38 ( One Design Yacht )
Sigma 38 Class Association

34c. Sunfast 3200

35. National Swallow ( 3 man keelboat with spinnaker )
Swallow Class Association

36. 2.4mR ( One man keelboat )
2.4m Class Association

37. Yeoman (Two man Keelboat )
Yeomen Class Association

38. Kinsman ( 3 man lifting keelboat )
Kinsman Class Association

39. XOD ( One design keelboat )
XOD Class Association

40. Yngling ( Olympic class )
Yngling Class Association

41. Archambault Sprinto ( Dayboat hiked, single or Twin trapeze)
Wessex yachts

42. Archambault Surprise ( sportsboat)
Wessex Yachts

43. Beneteau First 21.7 (Lifting keel with spinnaker)

44. Beneteau First 25.7 ( Lifting keel)

44a. Beneteau Figaro 2
Figaro class association

45. Corby 26
Corby Yachts

45a. Corby 29
Corby Yachts

45b. Contessa 32
Contessa 32 Class Association

46. Half Tonners ( Various designs under I.O.R. many one offs)
Half Tonners Class Association

46a. Class40 ( Box rule offshore racing class )
Class 40 Association

47. Mini Tonners (Various designs under I.O.R many one offs)
Mini Tonner Class Association

48. Quarter Tonners (Various designs IOR many one offs)
Quarter Tonner Class Association

49. International H Boat ( Strict one design)
H Boat Class Association

49a. Hunter Impala 28
Impala class association

50. Mini 6.5 ( Mini Transat )
Mini class association
Mini Class
Mimi class

51. Topper Breeze 6.0m (Asymmetric with Racks)

52. Ultra 30 ( Asymmetric with racks )

Open 60

53. Club 19

54. Limbo 6.6

54a. Rogers 46
Roger Yacht Design

54b. Seaquest SJ32
Seaquest Yachts

55. Micro 18 ( 3 man hiking boat, lifting keel and spinnaker )
MICRO 18 Class Association

55a. X-35
X35 Class Association

55b. X-99
X-99 Class Association


Flying Fifteen

Radio Control Sailing ( Model Yachting )

Radio Control Model Yachting

Model Yachting Association

Radio Controlled MINI LASER

Radio Control Micro Magic Yacht

Radio Sailing

One Metre Class Yachts

ALSO have a look at this for something
completly different

1DL Radio Control Model
Land Yacht

There about 1 x metre long one design
which can travel over 30mph !!!

Speed Sailing

Speed Sailing



Land and Sand Yachting

Land Yachting

British Federation of Sand and Land Yacht Clubs




Ice Yachting

Ice Yachting

High speed sailing on ice

Web Site


Saturday, 26 December 2009

Dinghy sailing clothing

Here is a list of some of the Dinghy sailing gear I have worn to go
sailing in the U.K. all year round.

When looking for sailing clothing, DON'T just look at the
dinghy section of the sport. Look at Windsurfing, Surfing ,
caneoing even Potholers/cavers you may find clothing that
suits your purpose just as well and possibly cheaper.
Also for some garments it may be good idea to see what
walkers and Cyclists use (high wicking quick drying layer
system garments). Can you use something from another sport
that would do the same job just as good or better/cheaper.

Wet Suits
1. Long john with detachable arms (Spring, Summer and Autumn)
2. Wet suit shorty ( For very hot days not used much !!! )
3. Steamer ( Winter sailing )

Check out wetsuits etc... that Windsurfers, canoeist and surf borders
use they can be cheaper and just as good after all they can spend
more time in the water than dinghy sailors.

Here are some makes to have a look at

O'Neil, Typhoon, Gill , Trident UK , Musto , Henry Lloyd, Mystic,
Ronstan, Crewsaver, ION, Gul, Slam, Helly Hanson, Neilpryde,
Pryde UK ltd, etc.....

Dinghy Suit
Very good at keeping the wind chill down when wearing a wetsuit.
Also they have pockets for a dinghy Knife/tool, pen for signing
on/off and course directions and a pocket for your keys if needed.

Spray top and Dry top
Very good to keep wind chill down and again these come with pockets.

Under garments Lycra type clothing (Windproof and Quick drying)
When looking at sailing gear don't forget to look at other
water sport disciplines and other sports.

For under garments I have been using cycling gear and walking gear.
Cycling gear for winter ie..... Lycra type top and bottoms for winter
to wear under the wet suit (steamer) after all you see cyclist cycling
all year round coping with big wind chill factors from the speed they
go i.e..... wind chill and rain.

Dry Suit ( Front zip type)
None breathable type dry suit for all year round use. Good also for
open Keel boats if you don't have the full wet weather gear,
( Dry suits can be breathable as well but are expensive) There's no
warmth in a dry suit so wear an all in one thermal suit underneath
this is to keep the bulk of clothing down. Otherwise look like and
move like a sumo wrestler.

Shoes / boots worn with wet suit socks
Must have good grip for slippy slipways and jetties. For hiking
boats a band of extra material over the foot where the hiking
strap goes over.

Glasses / Sunglasses
Plastic lenses and a strap which goes over the plastic ear section
on both ends of the glasses and over your head so they don't get
knocked off or blown off.

Hat ( Summer and Winter )
Base ball cap type made from Goretex material. must be a good
fit which goes over the ears but can be lifted up over the ears if
needed. Also must have a stiff visor part to keep the sun at bay
and helps keep the rain off the glasses. Good strap, Windproof
and quick drying

Knee Pads
Very useful in skiff type boats but must have good straps on
them to keep them in place otherwise you'll find them down
by your ankles.

I tend to wear gloves that have the material on the thumb
and finger cut off half way down and also gloves which have
all the material on the fingers and thumb cut half way down.

Suncream ( UK ) When the sun comes out !!!
For the U.K. I use a minimum of factor 25 and the same for
lip balm.

Buoyancy Aid ( Don't forget to replace this from time to time)
If you start to struggle getting back into the dinghy after a
capsize it may not be that you are getting heavier or getting
weaker it could be that your old Buoyancy aid is soaking up water
becoming heavier and less buoyant requiring a lot more effort from
you to get back into the boat. well worth checking it out if you still
us an old buoyancy aid.

A good watch is important it must be easy to use with good
function buttons but not to big so they can easily get knocked.
Try Timex, Casio, Gill, etc..................................

BUCKET for washing kit
Very use full potholers and cavers use them for dumping there
wet gear in i.e. wetsuit etc..... When you get the bucket home
you can wash the items straight away. This saves having a wet
kit bag , car boot and also no bath to clean out after. The bucket
used is a very large plastic builders bucket for mixing cement
etc.... can be purchased from any D.I.Y. store and they don't cost
much either.

Sailing Holidays

Here are a few sailing Holiday companies that may interest you
do you know of any others ?????

1. Sunsail (Yacht charter and Dinghy sailing, Multihulls and windsurfing)

2. Minorca Sailing Holidays ( Dinghy sailing, Multihulls and Windsurfing)

3. Wildwind ( Dinghy sailing, Multihulls and Windsurfing )

4. Neilson ( Dinghy sailing, Yacht charter, Multihulls and Windsurfing )

5. Rockley Watersports ( Sailing Courses)

6. Plas Menai ( Sailing Courses )

7. The Moorings ( Yacht charter )


I have a few videos on youtube under the name of SHOCKWAVE40
If you what to find out more about windsurfing check out these websites

1. UK Windsurfing Association
When you go on this site see if there are any sailing clubs near you as some
clubs do have there own windsurfers for club members to use and they
may also
run open days so that you can try windsurfing and possibly run
beginner courses
to more advance levels. Well worth finding out. I you did
windsurfing in the eighties with the long
narrow heavy boards thing are a
lot different know with stable very wide light boards.

Try these web sites.

Formula Windsurfing

International Formula Windsurfing

Professional Windsurfers Association


ALSO TRY these Windsurfing Magazines

2. Boards Magazine

3. Windsurf Magazine

4. Windsurfing Magazine

5. Windsurfing

Having fun messing about in the Winter

Sailing Magazines

Here are a few Sailings magazines that are produced in the UK do you know of any others in any country that covers sailing be it Dinghy Sailing, Multihulls, Yachts or Windsurfing.

It would be interesting to know whats magazines are out there.

1. Yachts and Yachting ( Covers Sailing dinghies, Yachts and Multihulls)

2. Classic Boat ( Covers Old and new Classic dighies/dayboats/yachts of all sizes)

3. Sailing Today ( Covers Yachts / small dayboats / Multihulls )

4. Yachting Monthly ( Covers Yachts / Small dayboats / Multihulls )

5. Practical Boat Owner ( Covers Yachts/ Small dayboats / Multihulls)

6. Yachting World ( Big Yachts / Multihulls)

7. Dinghy Sailing ( Covers Sailing Dinghies and dayboats )

8. SEAHORSE ( Covers Design, Engineering and Offshore racing Yachts )

9. Sail Racer ( Covers Sailing Dinghies and Multihulls )

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Two Man Hiking Dinghies

To see lots of videos of Two man Hiking dinghies in action in a whole
range of wind conditions and sailing events around the UK go to my
youtube site www.youtube.com/shockwave40

In the list below you will see websites for class associations so that
you may find out more about the dinghy. Also look out for
SHOCKWAVE40 name by the dinghy name this means I have
video footage of the dinghy sailing on youtube (see above for web
address )
. I have lots of footage of some of the dinghies.

1. Albacore (Two man One Design, Designed in 1954)
UK Albacore Class Association
International Albacore Class Association

2. B14 (Two man dinghy with Racks and Asymmetric very fast)
Shockwave40 ( Lots of videos !!! )
B14 Class Association

3. Bosun ( One Design with Spinnaker, Designed in 1960 )
Bosun Class Association

4. Cadet (Under 18's dinghy with Spinnaker, Designed in 1947)
Cadet Class Association

4a. CRUZ ( Family Cruiser / Racer )

5. Comet Duo ( Two man cruising-racing dinghy )
Comet Duo Class Association

6. Comet Trio (Two or Three man with optional asymmetric)

7. Comet Versa ( optional spinnaker )

8. Comet Zero ( Two man cruiser with optional spinnaker )

9. Enterprise (Two man one design with optional spinnaker,
designed 1955)
Shockwave40 ( A few videos )
Enterprise Class Association

10. Firefly ( Two man one design )
Firefly Class Association

11. GP14 ( Has spinnaker and designed in 1949 )
GP14 Class Association

12. Graduate ( One Design, Designed in 1952 )
Graduate Class Association

13. Gull ( has spinnker, designed 1956 )
Gull Class Association

14. Heron ( Jack Holt design 1950 )
Heron Class Association

15. Kestrel ( Has spinnaker, designed 1955 )
kestrel Class Association

16. Lark ( Has spinnaker and designed in 1967 )

Lark Class Association

17. Laser Bahia (Family general purpose dinghy with

18. Laser 2000 ( Multi purpose asymmetric cruiser/racer )

Laser 2000 Class Association

19. Laser Pico ( Designed in 1995 )
Laser Pico Class Association

19a. Laser 16 ( Family Cruiser / Racer )

19b. Laser 13 ( Family Cruiser / Racer )

20. Laser Stratos (Cruiser general purupose can have
ballasted keel)

21. Leader ( General purpose one design with spinnaker )
Leader Class Association

22. Lymington Scow (Classic racer with Lug sail designed 1910)

23. Lymington Pram (Traditional Pram dinghy designed in 1912)

24. Magno ( General purpose dinghy )

25. Merlin Rocket (Development class various designs since 1946
Shockwave40 ( Lots of videos )
Merlin Rocket Class Association

26. Miracle ( One Design ) Shockwave40
Miracle Class Association

27. Mirror ( One design dinghy designed in 1963 )
Mirror Class Association

28. MRX (Two man dinghy with spinnaker. designed in 1999 )
MRX Class Association

29. National 12 ( Development class various designs since 1936)
Shockwave40 ( Lots of videos !!!! )
National 12 Class Association

30. Pacer ( One Design with Spinnaker )
Pacer Class Association

31. RS200 ( One design with asymmetric )
Shockwave40 ( lots of videos!!!)
RS200 Class Association

32. RS400 ( One design with Asymmetric)
Shockwave40 (Lots of Videos !!)
RS400 Class Association

33. RS Feva ( One design with asymmetric )

34. RS Vision ( Family dinghy with asymmetric )

35. Seafly ( Two man dinghy )
Seafly Home page

36. Scorpion ( One design with spinnaker, designed in 1960)
Scorpion Class Association

36a. Sport 14 ( Family cruiser / racer )

36b. Sport 16 ( Family cruiser / racer )

37. Signet ( Cruiser - Racer with spinnaker designed in 1961 )
Signet Class Association

38. Snipe ( One design, designed in 1931)
Snipe Class Association

38a. Swordfish ( Twoman cruiser/racer)
Swordfish Class Association
Uffafox design plans

39. Tasar ( Fast one design )
Tasar Class Association

40. Thames A rater (Three - Man river dinghy )

Thames A Rater Class Association

41. Tideway ( Clinker with gunter or bermuda rig option )
Tideway Class Association

42. Topaz Omega ( Family cruiser - racer general purpose )

43. Topaz Vibe ( One design with Asymmetric )

44. Topper Xenon (One Design with Asymmetric )
Topper Xenon Class Association

45. Wanderer ( Cruiser/racer with spinnaker )
Wanderer Class Association

46. Wayfarer (Cruiser multi purpose with spinnaker or Asymmetric)
Wayfarer Class Association

46a. Wineglass ( Two Man one design )
Wineglass Class Association

47. YW Dayboat (Traditional dinghy )
Yachting World Dayboat Class Association

Do you know of any others out there ?????



Two Man Single Trapeze Sailing Dinghies

Lots of videos of various Single Trapeze dinghies on
Here is a list of UK two man single Trapeze dinghies if you are interested
in single handed trapaeze dinghy then look at my write up of Single handed

Where you see the SHOCKWAVE40 word means that I have video
footage of that class on youtube. Some classes I have many videos clips
so have a look around my youtube site.

Here goes !

1. ALTO (New class one design Single trapeze and Asymmetric)

Alto Class Association
Alto Boats
Rondar Boats

2. BUZZ (Single Trapeze with Asymmetric )
Buzz Class Association

3. 59er (This was a 2xman Hiking boat but they have recently
adopted a single trapeze)

4. Fireball ( Trapese and spinnaker )
Fireball Class Association

5. International 505 ( Trapeze and spinnaker )

UK 505 Class Association
International 505 Class Association

6. Flying Dutchman (Ex Olympic class Trapeze and Spinnaker)
Flying Dutchman Class Association

7. 420 (Trapeze with Spinnaker)

420 Class Association

470 (Olympic class trapeze and spinnaker)

470 Class Association

9. Hobie 405 (Trapeze with Asymmetric )

10. Hornet ( One Design with Spinnaker )

Hornet Class Association

11. ISO ( Trapeze and Asymmetric )

ISO Class Association

12. Javelin ( One design which was design by the same person
who designed the Fireball)
Javelin Class Association

13. Laser 2 ( One design with trapeze and spinnaker )
Laser2 Class Association

14. Laser 4000 ( Trapeze from racks and Asymmetric )

Laser4000 Class Association

15. Laser Vago (Trapeze and Asymmetric )

Laser Vago Class Association

15a. MARAUDER ( Has spinnaker designed by the same
designer as the fireball dinghy)

16. National 18 ( Three man dinghy one person goes on Trapeze)
National 18 Class Association

17. Norfolk Punt ( Broads development class )
Norfolk Punt Class Association

18. Osprey (Two/Three man dinghy but only one trapeze)
Osprey Class Association

18a. PEGASUS ( Two man one design with spinnaker )
Pegasus Class Association

19. RS500 ( Single Trapeze with Asymmetric )
RS 500 Class Association

19a. REDWING (Clinker dinghy with spinnaker)

20. Vandercraft 3000 ( Trapeze with Asymmetric )
Vandercraft 3000 Class Association

21. 29er ( Trapeze boat with Asymmetric )
29er Class Association

Do you know of any other classes of
Single Trapeze boats
to add the this
list from any country ??????

Sailing action of a Fireball in strong winds.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Multihull Dinghies

Here is a list of some of the Multihulls sailed in the UK some of
which I have video footage of check out the SHOCKWAVE40
link and search for the video on the website.

1. A-class (Single Trapeze various designs since 1956)
Uk A-Class Association
International A - Class Association

1a. C - CLASS
C - Class website

2. Catapult (This cat has inflatable hulls and was designed in 1980)
Catapult Class Association

3. Challenger (Trimaran designed for sailors with disabilities)
Challenger Class Association

4. Dart 16 ( One design )
Dart 16 Class Association

5. Dart 15 ALSO KNOWN as the Sprint 15 (Single or double handed)
Sprint 15 Class Association

6. Dart 18 ( Very popular one design )
UK Dart 18 Class Association
International Dart 18 Class Association

6a. EXTREME 40
Extreme 40 website
Extreme sailing series

7. Formula 16 ( Various designs since 2002 )

8. Formula 18 (Various designs )
Formula 18 Class Association
Dutch F18 Class Association

9. Hobie 16 ( Twin Trapeze with Asymmetric )
UK Hobie 16 Class Association
International Hobie 16 Class Association

10. Hobie Dragoon ( Designed 1999 )

11. Hobie FX1 ( Singlehander with Trapeze and asymmetric )

12. Hobie Tiger (Twin Trapeze )
Hobie Tiger Class Association

13. Hobie Twixxy ( Designed in 2004 )

14. Hurricane 5.9 ( Twin Trapeze )
Hurricane Class Association

15. Nacra Infusion ( Twin Trapeze )
UK Nacra Class Association
International Nacra Class Association

16. Shadow ( One Design )
Shadow Class Association

17. Shearwater ( Designed in 1956 and still building them )
Shearwater Class Association

18. SL16 ( Twin Trapeze with asymmetric )

19. Spitfire (Twin Trapeze with Asymmetric )
Spitfire Class Association

20. Sprint 15 ( Designed in 1978 )
SPRINT 15 Class Association

21. Topcat K3 ( Twin or Single Trapeze cat )

22. Topaz 14 Extreme ( Single Hander )

23. Topaz 16 CX

24. Tornado ( Twin Trapeze ex Olympic class )
UK Tornado Class Association
International Tornado Class Association

25. Unicorn ( Single hander A-Class Cat with Trapeze )
Unicorn Class Association

26. Vortex ( narrow Singlehander with asymmetric and
trapeze )
Vortex Class Association

Do you know of any more to add to the list ?

Hurricane 5.9


Have you or do you know of anyone who has designed /
commissioned and built a one off sailing dinghy.

Could you tell us a bit about it ?
(Not just one off dinghies in UK but any worldwide)

Punk Dinghy filmed racing in the Tiger Trophy 2009.

Dinghy Show 6 & 7 March 2010

Not long before its that time of year again.

Alexander Palace,

6 & 7 March 2010

Dinghy Show www.dinghyshow.org.uk
or try Yachts and Yachting for information
Yachts and Yachting (Dinghy Sailing Magazine)

At this show which is under cover and all the boats are fully
rigged with sails up including spinnakers/ Asymmetrics.
Almost every active sailing dinghy class in the u.k.is present
theres even some keel boats like the Flying Fifteen, Squid
and Laser SB3. This is a great show to visit as its possibly
the only chance to see so many different classes of boat in
one place and actualy talk to the people who own and sail
them as well as the boat builder.

I wish at some point it would move to the N.E.C. ( National
Exhibition Center, Birmingham ) it would be a lot easier to get to
and less expesive to travel to than Alexander Palace. Only time
will tell if this will ever happens.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Twin Trapeze Sailing Dinghies

Here is a list of some Twin trapeze dinghies sailed in the U.K. some of which I
have video footage of.

1. BOSS ( Twin trapeze with racks and Asymmetric designed in 1994)
Boss Class Association

2. CHERUB ( Development class various designers since 1951 )
UK Cherub Class Association
Australian Cherub Class Association

3. 49er ( Twin Trapeze high performance Olympic Skiff designed in 1995 )
49er Class Association
49er Class Association

4. International 14 ( Twin Trapeze development class various designs
from 1800s onwards )
International 14 Class Association
Int 14

5. LASER 5000 ( Twin Trapeze with racks designed in 1992 )
Laser 5000 Class Association

6. RS800 (Twin Trapeze with Racks and Asymmetric designed in 1999)
RS800 Class Association

7. SPICE ( Twin trapeze with Asymmetric designed in 1996 )
Spice Class Association

8. 12ft SKIFF ( Extreme twin trapeze dinghy )
UK 12foot Skiff Association
Australian 12ft Skiff Association

9. 29er XX ( Twin Trapeze turbo version of the 29er designed in 2005)
29er class association

( From any country )

RS800 dinghy action

Monday, 14 December 2009

Single handed Sailing Dinghies in the U.K.


There is a large variety of single handed sailing dinghies in the UK here are
just some of them. Some of the dinghies I have video footage of are on
youtube SHOCKWAVE40 Look for the Shockwave40 name next to the
dinghy class name. Some dinghies have quite a few videos othere's just one
but will endeavour to get more footage when I come across these classes.
If you wish to find out more about any of the dinghies do a web search for
the class association.
for example try the musto skiff = Musto Skiff
or try the Phantom dinghy = Phantom Class Association

1. Blaze ( Has hiking wings designed in 1996)
Blaze Class Association

2. British Moth (Designed in 1932)
British Moth Class Association

3. Byte (Designed 1990) Byte Class Association

4. Comet (Designed 1981) Comet Class Association

5. Contender (Trapeze boat designed in 1967)
The U.K. Contender Class Association
The International Contender Class Association

6. Europe (Designed in 1960)
The U.K. Europe Class Association
The International Europe Class Association

7. Finn (Designed in 1949)
Finn Class Association

8. Flash (Designed in 1988)

9. International Canoe(Open design with sliding seat and
International Canoe Class Association

10. International Moth ( RADICAL DEVELOPMENT
International Moth Class Association

11. Laser (Strick one design and designed in 1971)
Laser Class Association

12. Laser EPS ( has hiking wings and designed in 1997)
Laser EPS Class Association

13. Lightning 368 ( Designed in 1977 One design)
Lightning Class Association

14. Must Performance Skiff (racks + Trapeze and Asymmetric
designed in 1999)
Musto Skiff Association

14a. MX-RAY ( Single hander with Asymmetric )

15. OK ( One design dinghy designed in 1957 )
OK class association
The International O.K. Class Association

16. Phantom ( Designed in 1971 )
Phantom Class Association

16a. RS100

17. RS300 (Designed in 1997 )
RS300 Class Association

18. RS600 (with rack and trapeze you can also fit HYDROFOIL's
on this dinghy.Designed in 1993)
RS600 Class Association

19. RS700 ( with Rack + Trapeze and Asymmetric designed in 2000)
RS700 Class Association

20.RS Vareo ( Hiking dinghy with Asymmetric designed in 2001 )
rs vareo Class Association

21. Solo ( Fully Battened main hiking dinghy designed in 1956 )
Solo Class Association

22. Solution ( Designed in 2006 )
Solution Class Association
Ovington Boats

23. Splash ( Designed in 1988 )
Splash Class Association

24. Streaker ( Designed in 1975 )
Streaker Class Association

25. Supernova ( One Design. Designed in 1995 )
Supernova Class Association

26. Topper ( Designed in 1976 )

27. Devoti One (Asymmetric hiking dinghy with rack )
Suntouched Sailboats Ltd
d-one dinghy blogspot

28. K1 (New hiking dinghy with ballasted
daggerboard and Jib+Main sails)

K1 Sailing Is this the future of dinghy sailing??

Do you know of any other Single handed dinghy classes out there ???

The below video shows Hydrofoil International
moths in action.

Single trapeze Contender dinghy action