Wednesday, 17 April 2013

VELSHEDA - J Class Yacht - Pictured 1980's - Southampton Ocean Village

Velsheda - J Class racing yacht pictured here in the 1980's on the approach to Southampton Ocean Village.

 Berthed at Southampton Ocean Village you can see the commercial docks in the background.

 The above and below pictures were taken from the Isle of Wight ferry on my way to Cowes. Velsheda was chartered by groups of people to experience sailing on a J Class yacht.
 The above picture of Velsheda you can see a Moody 44 yacht sailing along gives you some idea of scale.
In the background you can see some of Southampton commercial docks.

The Picture above shows Velsheda and tug approaching Ocean Village Southampton

 Berthed at the entrance to Ocean Village Southampton.
The above picture shows Velsheda sailing in the Solent.

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