Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Savoir Faire - Nicholson 43 - Holyhead 2013

Savoir Faire - This yacht is a Nicholson 43 designed by Raymond Wall.
This picture was taken at Holyhead Marina in 2013.
Do you know any racing history about this yacht ?
It has taken part in the Three Peaks Yacht race many years ago
The above Picture was taken at Glasson Dock Marina 1990's

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  1. Hi,
    I know a fair bit about this boats history as I've sailed it a few times . she did the 3 peaks several times , with owner Frank Davies , who held a few 3 peaks records ie . fastest ascent/decent set in early 70's , he also owned a trimaran that held the multi hull record for years . he bought the boat when it was 2vyears old and to the best of my knowledge still owns it. His ill health and advancing age has allowed her to fall into disrepair , her condition was the reason people stopped sailing with him . she's been in Holyhead since 2011 when I brought her there , was in port Dinorwic for a year or so before that and had been on a swinging mooring In Ardfern for 20 years before that .