Sunday, 6 April 2014

Shamu - Bolero 26 ( Modified ) - Windermere Winter Series 2013/2014

 Shamu - This yacht is a Bolero 26 with a modified Rig
( Taller than the standard rig ) Pictured here racing in the
Windermere Winter Series 2013/2014 and the IRC Inland
National Championship.

1st Overall IRC Inland National Championship
1st Overall 2013/2014 Windermere Winter Series IRC Fleet
 The above picture shows the tall rig

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  1. I sailed on Shamu during this series and at the 1/4 ton cup at Cowes.
    She has a 1720 type rig with single spreaders and a deeper keel wit 40 kgs (I think) at the bottom.
    A well thought out modification between the owner and builder Nick Stratton. I believe the designer, David Thomas, has done something similar to his own boat.
    It would be nice to see the boat back on the lake again.