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1992 Smirnoff European Championships - Sand Yachting - Lytham St Annes near Blackpool

 1992 Smirnoff European Championships - October 1992
Sand yacht racing - 150 Pilots take to the sands at Lytham St Annes
near Blackpool for a week of competition in 3 classes of Sand Yachts.
The racing took part on a mile of open beach.
The bulk of the British Team came from the local Sand Yacht club
Fylde International Sand Yacht Club, Lytham St Annes,

near Blackpool.
 Class A sand yacht (above) ( US - USA )

 Class B Sand Yachts above ( G - German and B - Belgium )

 Class A and B sand yachts above ( F - France and G - Germany )

 Class B sand yacht above
 Class A sand yacht above and below

 Class V Sand Yachts in the above and below pictures

 Class V Sand Yacht
 Class V Sand Yacht ( showing construction )
 Class V Sand Yacht ( G - Germany )

 Class V - Sand Yacht

 Class V - racing on the beach at Lytham St Annes near Blackpool
 Class V - ( K - Britain )
 Class V Sand Yachts
 Class V - Sand Yachts note the main sheet position either sheeting
in from the back as shown in the above picture or from the middle
of the seat as shown below.
 Class V - note the main sheet position in the below picture

 Class V - sand yachts

Class V Racing looks a nice beach to sand yacht on

 Finish line
 Class V racing

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