Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hooligan - HB31 - Half Ton IOR yacht - Hamble 2014

Hooligan - Hunter HB31 - Half Ton IOR Yacht
Hamble 2014
Do you know any racing history about this yacht ?


  1. It was mine in the '90's, rescued from a shed at Deacons, refitted and rejuvenated ,we did many RORC and JOG races, usually near the front, especially in light winds. She's not an HB31, she's a Stephen Jones half tonner that was a winning boat back in the day

  2. All answers wrong so far! She is currentrly owned by a syndicate of three; is a Humphreys design built in 1981. She was supposed to be the first Trapper 950 and built for the Poole 1981 Half Ton Cup,A semi custom boat she had a deeper keel and a taller rig but shared the Hull mould with the Mistral 31 and Humphreys Roller Coaster design.