Sunday, 19 August 2012

Oystercatcher X - Oyster 41

 Oystercatcher X      -   I think this is a production Oyster 41.

where is she now ?
Is she still racing ?


  1. an Oyster SJ 41, no idea if fractional or masthead rig.think masthead, just like mine.

  2. I think that this is an Oyster 43, rather than the 41. Not very many built & I'd guess this is Oystercatcher of Mersea, (Oystercatcher X was Richard Matthews Oyster SJ35 3/4 tonner).

    She was masthead rigged and I think the 2nd boat built, the first being the fractional Nadia/Stormbird which was in the 1981 Swiss Admirals Cup team and then raced very successfully as Stormbird at the 82 SORC in Florida which she might have won but for a couple of port/starboard incidents.

    The other well known 43 was 'Black Top' which was in the British Admirals Cup team in 1983 and was then sold to an American I think, renamed and was at the 1985 One Ton Cup in Poole, by which time it was no longer competitive against the new designs.