Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gordon Bennett - Quarto design IOR Quarter Ton Yacht

 GORDON BENNETT - pictured here in the 1970s on Lake Windermere near Bowness On Windermere
taking part in the yearly Winter series. This yacht is a Quarto designed by David Thomas in the early 1970's and was built in Marine Plywood or GRP ( Fibre glass ). I dont know how many of these yacht were built but at least 2 were built as I have photos of another Quarto on this Blog site pictured at Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club. The Quarto could either be professionaly build or home built.
This yacht design was very successful both inshore and offshore in the 1/4 ton fleet at the time. It is interesting that the design had two tubes under the deck to launch the spinnaker that then went through the
round frome on the pulpit.( see my other pictures of this design reference Quarto at Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club ).

Where is this yacht now ?
Is she still racing ?
 The Quarto design was used to produce the Sonata One Design yacht.
 Interesting large cockpit layout looking very modern.

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