Sunday, 13 January 2013

Just Mischief - IOR Quarter Ton yacht Windermere

 Just Mischief - Picture here in the 1970's on Lake Windermere taking part in the Windermere Winter Series.
This yacht is a IOR Quarter Ton yacht do you know what design she is and who designed here ?
Where is she now ?
Is she still racing ?


  1. Would guess an Ed Dubois designed Mischief 24, can't help with current whereabouts.

  2. For sure a Mischief 24 . I have owned 2 of them both of which originally came from that part of the world. They could have had a name change. Ist one I had was "Underdog" white hull, originally sailed on Windermere but when I bought her was in Largs.Steve Goacher, the sail maker, said he had had a hand in putting her together.This one had a cast Iron keel to which I added a lead bulb to increase stability. Last heard of as being for sale in Dublin
    The Second one "Load of Mischief" Painted grey hull came from Blackpool area.Now sailing in Strangford Lough.
    The Mischief 24 was originally designed as a minitonner, but the rule was changed c 1978 whch meant she did not rate as one.Under IRC she rates at c 830-835