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Blackpool & Fleetwood Yacht Club - IOR Fleet 1980's

 Blackpool & Fleetwood Yacht Club - IOR Fleet racing down towards Fleetwood having started from the Yacht Club during one of the Winter Series races in the 1980's. The IOR Fleet ranged from Mini Ton , Quarter Ton, Half Ton to Three Quarter Ton yachts. In the picture above you can see some of the quarter ton fleet and some of the many Ruffian 23's that raced there.

 Yachts racing back to the finish line just off the Yacht Club. In this picture above you can see a range of yachts from Quarter ton, Half ton ,a Seawolf 26 and contessa 28.

"Beat and Run" Half Tonner leading the way followed by a Three Quarter ton yacht called "Tessandra 3". You can also just see a soling off the stern of "Tessandra 3". In the background are quarter ton yachts and
Ruffian 23's awaiting the start.

The Picture above showes a Soling just ahead of "Tessandra 3" a Three Quarter Ton Yacht. In the background the yacht with a multi coloured main and genoa is a Swift 18 awaiting the start. The other yachts are Quarter ton yachts awaiting there start.

The Photo above showes Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club and also the wooden jetties that are still used today this is were the racing fleet berth. The river does dry out on every tide. Today you can still see IOR racing yachts drying out on these jetties but these days some yachts berth at Fleetwood Marina.
The yachts from left to right in the picture  Bolero designed Quarter Ton yacht ,  "Plumbat" Torledo 30 Half Ton, "Beat and Run"one off Half Ton, Soling keel boat , Shamrock 30 Half ton with the spinnaker up.


In the background you can see Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club slipway is full of dinghies mainly GP14's and Laser's. At one time they had a fleet of Dart 18's
The Yachts are on there way towards Fleetwood.

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  1. Tessanda III was a one-off Doug Peterson 3/4 ton design from about 1976 ish iirc.