Saturday, 26 December 2009


I have a few videos on youtube under the name of SHOCKWAVE40
If you what to find out more about windsurfing check out these websites

1. UK Windsurfing Association
When you go on this site see if there are any sailing clubs near you as some
clubs do have there own windsurfers for club members to use and they
may also
run open days so that you can try windsurfing and possibly run
beginner courses
to more advance levels. Well worth finding out. I you did
windsurfing in the eighties with the long
narrow heavy boards thing are a
lot different know with stable very wide light boards.

Try these web sites.

Formula Windsurfing

International Formula Windsurfing

Professional Windsurfers Association


ALSO TRY these Windsurfing Magazines

2. Boards Magazine

3. Windsurf Magazine

4. Windsurfing Magazine

5. Windsurfing

Having fun messing about in the Winter

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