Saturday, 19 December 2009

Dinghy Show 6 & 7 March 2010

Not long before its that time of year again.

Alexander Palace,

6 & 7 March 2010

Dinghy Show
or try Yachts and Yachting for information
Yachts and Yachting (Dinghy Sailing Magazine)

At this show which is under cover and all the boats are fully
rigged with sails up including spinnakers/ Asymmetrics.
Almost every active sailing dinghy class in the present
theres even some keel boats like the Flying Fifteen, Squid
and Laser SB3. This is a great show to visit as its possibly
the only chance to see so many different classes of boat in
one place and actualy talk to the people who own and sail
them as well as the boat builder.

I wish at some point it would move to the N.E.C. ( National
Exhibition Center, Birmingham ) it would be a lot easier to get to
and less expesive to travel to than Alexander Palace. Only time
will tell if this will ever happens.

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