Saturday, 26 December 2009

Dinghy sailing clothing

Here is a list of some of the Dinghy sailing gear I have worn to go
sailing in the U.K. all year round.

When looking for sailing clothing, DON'T just look at the
dinghy section of the sport. Look at Windsurfing, Surfing ,
caneoing even Potholers/cavers you may find clothing that
suits your purpose just as well and possibly cheaper.
Also for some garments it may be good idea to see what
walkers and Cyclists use (high wicking quick drying layer
system garments). Can you use something from another sport
that would do the same job just as good or better/cheaper.

Wet Suits
1. Long john with detachable arms (Spring, Summer and Autumn)
2. Wet suit shorty ( For very hot days not used much !!! )
3. Steamer ( Winter sailing )

Check out wetsuits etc... that Windsurfers, canoeist and surf borders
use they can be cheaper and just as good after all they can spend
more time in the water than dinghy sailors.

Here are some makes to have a look at

O'Neil, Typhoon, Gill , Trident UK , Musto , Henry Lloyd, Mystic,
Ronstan, Crewsaver, ION, Gul, Slam, Helly Hanson, Neilpryde,
Pryde UK ltd, etc.....

Dinghy Suit
Very good at keeping the wind chill down when wearing a wetsuit.
Also they have pockets for a dinghy Knife/tool, pen for signing
on/off and course directions and a pocket for your keys if needed.

Spray top and Dry top
Very good to keep wind chill down and again these come with pockets.

Under garments Lycra type clothing (Windproof and Quick drying)
When looking at sailing gear don't forget to look at other
water sport disciplines and other sports.

For under garments I have been using cycling gear and walking gear.
Cycling gear for winter ie..... Lycra type top and bottoms for winter
to wear under the wet suit (steamer) after all you see cyclist cycling
all year round coping with big wind chill factors from the speed they
go i.e..... wind chill and rain.

Dry Suit ( Front zip type)
None breathable type dry suit for all year round use. Good also for
open Keel boats if you don't have the full wet weather gear,
( Dry suits can be breathable as well but are expensive) There's no
warmth in a dry suit so wear an all in one thermal suit underneath
this is to keep the bulk of clothing down. Otherwise look like and
move like a sumo wrestler.

Shoes / boots worn with wet suit socks
Must have good grip for slippy slipways and jetties. For hiking
boats a band of extra material over the foot where the hiking
strap goes over.

Glasses / Sunglasses
Plastic lenses and a strap which goes over the plastic ear section
on both ends of the glasses and over your head so they don't get
knocked off or blown off.

Hat ( Summer and Winter )
Base ball cap type made from Goretex material. must be a good
fit which goes over the ears but can be lifted up over the ears if
needed. Also must have a stiff visor part to keep the sun at bay
and helps keep the rain off the glasses. Good strap, Windproof
and quick drying

Knee Pads
Very useful in skiff type boats but must have good straps on
them to keep them in place otherwise you'll find them down
by your ankles.

I tend to wear gloves that have the material on the thumb
and finger cut off half way down and also gloves which have
all the material on the fingers and thumb cut half way down.

Suncream ( UK ) When the sun comes out !!!
For the U.K. I use a minimum of factor 25 and the same for
lip balm.

Buoyancy Aid ( Don't forget to replace this from time to time)
If you start to struggle getting back into the dinghy after a
capsize it may not be that you are getting heavier or getting
weaker it could be that your old Buoyancy aid is soaking up water
becoming heavier and less buoyant requiring a lot more effort from
you to get back into the boat. well worth checking it out if you still
us an old buoyancy aid.

A good watch is important it must be easy to use with good
function buttons but not to big so they can easily get knocked.
Try Timex, Casio, Gill, etc..................................

BUCKET for washing kit
Very use full potholers and cavers use them for dumping there
wet gear in i.e. wetsuit etc..... When you get the bucket home
you can wash the items straight away. This saves having a wet
kit bag , car boot and also no bath to clean out after. The bucket
used is a very large plastic builders bucket for mixing cement
etc.... can be purchased from any D.I.Y. store and they don't cost
much either.

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