Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bimblegumbie - 1991 Admirals Cup Yacht - Australia

Bimblegumbie - Took part in the 1991 Admirals Cup as part of the team from Australia. Do you know who designed her ?
This picture was taken as she sailed back to Cowes Marina after taking part in a Admirals Cup race in the Solent.

 Sailing back to Cowes Marina

 Picture taken from the Isle of Wight ferry the yacht was heading to Cowes Marina from Hamble.

 Pictured here in Cowes Marina

 Sailing in the Solent


  1. Hee Shockwave 40;

    my name is wim vandesande, I am 43 years old and livving in Belgium. I am the owner-driver of Shamrcok, a 1985 X-1 ton which participated in the admirals cup of 1985 under name of EURO as one of the member of the danish Cup team. I was wondering whether you would have some pictures of the Danish team in 1985? Also the whole 1985 cup is my interest. Please mail me at wim.vandesande@pandora.be and please take a look at our blog at www.shamrocksailing.blogspot.com since we are still racing that old baby. May i also congratulate you with your blog, I love it! Wim

    1. ONE TON CUP 2015 - New Zealand - Auckland
      Strong interest being shown in this event
      more details from
      The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

  2. Agree ...

    Look at the waterline ! R.Humphey kept a huge margin to calculate its ballast weight...
    May be enough to have from a one ton rating to a Two Ton !