Thursday, 1 November 2012

Unnamed - Big Bolero IOR 3/4 ton yacht

There is no name on this yacht - This yacht is a Big Bolero designed IOR 3/4 ton yacht do you know its name and who designed her ?


  1. Don't know the name of this example, the Bolero 35.5 or Big Bolero was designed by David Thomas as a small One Tonner at the old 27.5 ft IOR rating.

    Don't think very many were built, I crewed on one a couple of times called Barbarienne (originally Mezzanine I think), plus there was Helios and theres another called Vixen which is for sale.

  2. We have just bought vixen once we have done all the work on her the
    Name will also be changed

    1. Little Vixen was originally called Helios they are the same yacht.