Thursday, 1 November 2012

MISJIF - Oyster SJ30 - IOR 1/2 Ton IOR Yacht (UPDATED 08.09.13)

 Misjif - ( Original name Citron Presse ) This yacht is a Oyster SJ30 1/2 Ton yacht
NOT a SJ35 as first thought. The SJ30 was designed by Stephen Jones and they
built 12 of these SJ30 yachts in 1981.
This picture was taken in 2012. This yacht is in excellent condition almost as new.


  1. Steohen Jones is the designer agency.

  2. Stephen Jones.
    Also designed the bigger one-ton version SJ39/41/43

  3. Misjif is a Hustler SJ30 1/2 tonner, I think originally named Citron Presse

  4. Just completed Half Ton Cup at Boulogne sur Mer. 7th overall out of 29 and 1st production boat.