Sunday, 29 July 2012

Breakaway of Birdham - Carter Concubine 3/4 ton IOR yacht

Breakaway of Birdham -  The picture was taken in the 1980's at Chichester Marina.
Do you know what design she is ???
Where is she now ?
What is her racing history ?
Has her name changed ?

UPDATE 15/09/13
This yacht is a Carter Concubine designed by Dick Carter as per comments below.
Yachting Monthly did a boat test in 1978 on the Carter Concubine and in the report
there is a picture of Breakaway of Birdham sailing sail number 4163.
This yacht is a Three Quarter Ton IOR
LOA : 32ft 9inch
LWL : 25ft 10inch
Beam : 11ft 1 1/2inch
Draft : 6ft
Displacement : 4685kg
Ballast : 2133kg
Built by North Shore Yacht Yards Ltd


  1. Yep - Breakaway is/was a Carter 3/4 tonner (or the Carter Concubine which was a cruising oriented version using the same tooling when the Carter Ragtime 3/4 tonner was introduced.