Sunday, 15 July 2012

Spartan - One Ton IOR yacht 1982 Cowes

Spartan One Ton IOR Yacht pictured here in 1982 at Cowes Marina. I think it may be an Oyster 41 do you know who designed it and what design she is if not a Oyster??
In the background you can see Marionette which you can see a close up picture in my blog. Also you can see the old hover craft hanger with the union jack on the doors.
Where is this yacht now ??
Is she still racing ??


  1. That is an Oyster SJ 41 - prototype?

  2. I think it's a Flushdeck Oyster 41. Once she was on one of the beautiful Beken of Cowes calendars. Stephen Jones Design. One of my favorites. Long time ago I sailed on an Oyster 41. Impressive.

  3. As above Spartan was the prototype Oyster 41, 'Oystercatcher 79', built for the 1979 One Ton Cup.