Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Commachie Raider - One Ton IOR yacht - Lymington

Commachie Raider One Ton IOR Yacht pictured in the 1980's do you know what design she is and who designed her ???? The picture above show her on approach to the pontoons at Lymington Marina.

Where is this yacht now ?
Is she still racing ?

The Picture above shows the yacht leaving lymington in the morning to go racing in the Solent.


  1. She was originally the 1983 Marionette, designed during the shortlived partnership between Rob Humphries & Ed Dubois

  2. Sorry - that should be 1985, same year as Pocket Battleship, another product of the Humphreys/Dubois partnership.

  3. Where is the 2 tonner Comanche raider ??

  4. I remember this boat from Carrickfergus. During the 90's it was the boat to beat within Belfast lough.
    Fond memories of watching her sail