Saturday, 14 July 2012

Local Hero - Three Quarter Ton IOR Yacht

Local Hero is a Three Quarter Ton IOR Yacht.I took this picture a she left Lymington in the morning to go racing. Do you know what design she is ??????
Where is this yacht now ?
Is she still racing ?


  1. I'd guess shes a Rob Humphreys 3/4 ton design, compare her to Scenario Encore. There were 2 slightly earlier Humphreys one off 3/4 ton designs from 1986, Decasol & Showdown, she may be one of these under new ownership.

  2. Rob Humphrey's, sister to Scenario Enc. Longer and Heavier than Deca/Show, with more sail area. Built and campaigned by the Howison bros, had a very good record in a very competitive fleet based around the Clyde, believe both she and Scen Encore had rig problems in Cowes week, but as had a good record against x3/4 ton that won the week, Bataleur 2nd and Decasol, probably would otherwise done better