Wednesday, 11 July 2012

FANCY THAT - Golden Shamrock Half Ton Yacht ( IOR )

I took this picture in 1982 at Brighton Marina of FANCY THAT a Half Ton Yacht.
Golden Shamrock 30 design production boat.
Where is this yacht now ? ( update 15.09.13 ) Conwy
Is she still racing ?

UPDATE 15.09.13
Yacht built in 1977
The following picture I took at Conwy Marina the interesting thing is
did this yacht have a fractional rig from new as all the other
Golden Shamrock designs on the site have mast head rigs either single
spreader or double spreader masts. See the below picture showing the
present fractional rig on FANCY THAT I wonder how the performance
compared to the mast head rigs ?

Tall fractional rig

Still looking in great condition the last time I sore this yacht was in 1982. Fancy That !


  1. hi , my name is Dave Whitehead and i own fancy that please feel free to ring me on 01625 526910 i would love to hear any history

  2. Fancy That was built in Ireland and I sailed her back to Brighton .She was built for the 1/2 ton cup.Doug Bishop was the owner and it was a privilege to sail with him. He was my mentor. She had a taller rig than normal for going upwind.We could not get her to stand up so in one cowes week we chopped two foot off the mast to make her stand up.That done the trick. She was of kevlar construction. Great upwind and a pig downwind. The second yacht for Doug was Fantasy which I help to build but that is for another day. Good times ,thanks Doug.