Sunday, 15 July 2012

Silver Dream Racer - MINI TON IOR Yacht 1982

Silver Dream Racer - Mini Ton IOR Yacht
The picture I took in 1982 of Silver Dream Racer on one of the wooden jetties by Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club, as you can see the yacht dries out on each tide. I dont known what design she is possible an everitt and it could be aluminium construction do you know ??????? Is she still racing ??
Where is this yacht now ?

The Mini Ton IOR Yachts I found very hard to find and presume it was not a popular class in Britian .
Was it popular in your country ????? or region ???


  1. Silver Dream Racer was a Julian Everitt design, built for the 1980 Mini Ton Cup in Scotland. She was a stretched version of his Extrovert 22 production boat which was built in aluminium.

    The mini tonners are having a bit of a revival on the south coast similar to the 1/4 & 1/2 ton classes but not sure where SDR is now.

    1. I've just purchased one of the Extrovert 22 production boats. Around 20 were built by Linklatters in North Shields. Similar to an E-boat with a fractional rig and raised coachroof. I can't find much information about any others that might be sailing but it's a good looking boat - haven't sailed it yet but looking forward to having a go.

    2. Hi Chris. I have an Extrovert 22. Cracking boat. Bombproof. Sailed all over the West Coast of Scotland with no problems. MJ

  2. Hi Mark great to hear from you! Would be great to stay in touch and compare notes / tips / photos along the way. Am busy removing soggy plywood and headlining from the inside at the moment. Busy winter ahead!

  3. Hi Mark, Andrew - I used to own one a few years ago. Most of the original fleet were based at the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club at Blythe - bought mine from up there and moved her down to Cornwall. She was last seen in Bristol. Yes - great to sail and mind boggingly strong ! There are a couple of others on the South Coast. Well worth bringing one up to scratch.
    Also have photos etc. Cheers, Adrian -

  4. Some video onboard my Extrovert 22 - sailing last weekend.