Saturday, 14 July 2012

Nadia - Three Quarter Ton IOR Yacht

Nadia is a Three Quarter Ton IOR Yacht. This picture was taken in 1983 of Nadia racing in the Winter Series organised by Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club.
Do you know what design this yachts is ?
Is it a one off or a production yacht ?
 Is this yacht still racing ?
Where is this yacht now ?


  1. Nadia is an Ed Dubois designed one-off 3/4 tonner from 1977 when she won the 3/4 class in the British level rating championships.

    I think she was originally based in St. Helier, Jersey which is where I last saw her, I don't know if she's still around somewhere, hope so as a very pretty boat.

  2. Found her recently in a dry and clean hall of a shipyard at the german island of Fehmarn/Sahrensdorf. Covered under dust, but still loking good. As per logbook she is out of water since 2003...