Tuesday, 17 July 2012

PANDA - One Ton IOR Yacht - Lymington

 PANDA - One Ton IOR Yacht arriving at Lymington Marina in the 1980's. Do you know what design she is and who designed her ?????

Update 21.10.12
Panda - 1981 Admirals Cup yacht was part of the team from Bermuda. This yacht is a Dubois design.

Where is this yacht now ?
Is she still racing ?
                                                                     PANDA !!!!!


  1. The Panda above is the 1983 Hugh Welbourn design, built for a place in that years Admirals Cup team. If I recall correctly she had a trim tab on the keel (Hugh is a great innovator). Not sure where she is now.

    The Dubois designed Panda dates from 1980 and was a minimum rating (30.0 ft) Admirals Cup design that performed very well in that years Sardinia Cup but didn't make the British Team for the 1981 Admirals Cup (from memory she struggled in light airs).

    Hugh also designed the 'baby' panda 1/2 tonner 'Chia Chia' in 1984 for the 1/2 ton cup that year in Scotland.

    The One Ton Panda was a Philippe Briand design that was in the 1985 Admirals Cup team & the One Ton Cup in Poole

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