Saturday, 14 July 2012

Scenario Act Two - Three Quarter Ton IOR Yacht

Scenario Act 2 is a MGRS34 Three Quarter Ton IOR Yacht. The Picture above was taken in 1983 showing the yacht leaving Glasson Dock after it had been launch in the marina which is pictured below. The Yacht was raced at Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club.
Where is this yacht now ?
Is she still racing ?

Scenario Act 2 was designed by Rob Humphrey and built by Steve Etheridge. This yacht was designed as a one off based on Roller Skate and Countdown please see my pictures of these yachts on my blog they are both MGRS34. The difference between these yachts and Scenario Act 2 are as follows 
1. Large Keel floor as yacht drying-out on each tide at Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club.
2. Carries an extra 18ft2 more sail area but rig proportions remains  much the same.
3.Hull has more depth forward 
4. More internal ballast
5. Fuller section aft.

The construction of the yacht.
The yacht was fitted out with a full foam-cored teak veneer interior like Roller Skate and construction of the hull using Kevlar and Kevlar / carbon fibre hybrib cloth over a D75 Plasticell foam core. 

Is this yacht still racing ???


  1. Neither Countdown or RollerSkate were MG's, C'down much lighter, R'Skate design evolved to Scenario 11 design. Scenario 11 hammered us in the 3/4 ton trials, we returned the favour to Scenario 111 in Cowes Week, wonder which design the owner preferred? The only Humphrey's 3/4 tonner that beat C'down overall in that, the last IOR Cowes Week, series was Decosol, with Scenario 111 sistership Local Hero, & Decosol's wood sistership Showdown taking part.

    1. My name is Keith Crellin and I own Scenario Act 11.

      It's a long story, let me have your email to