Saturday, 14 July 2012

Roller Skate - Three Quarter Ton IOR Yacht

Roller Skate is a MGRS 34 Three Quarter Ton IOR Yacht. I took this picture many years ago ( 1980's ) in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.
Roller Skate was built by Neville Hutton and Steve Etheridge and was constructed from composite epoxy around a  p.v.c. core.
Where is this yacht now ?
Is this yacht still racing ???


  1. Roller Skate predates the MG RS34 design (She is No. 32) though the deck & cockpit arrangement are the same. I don't know if she is still active but she was racing competitively in the late 1990's with her 3rd owner.

    Her close sister from 1982 Countdown (design No. 31) was slightly longer on the waterline, had a simple trench cockpit and stripped out interior.

    The MG RS34 was design No. 37; as far as I recall there were 3 one-off boats built to this design, Bathsheba for Sir Maurice Laing, Scenario Act 2 for Alan Fitton & Seren Wib for Bill Humpreys, Robs brother. Seren Wib became the plug from which the mould tools for the RS34 were taken.

  2. I was offered a look at rollerskate which was in the cowes area while I was looking at countdown which I bought and still own!

  3. Rollerskate is racing at Royal Temple Yacht Club at Ramsgate and will be competing in 2016 Round the Island.

  4. Saw her being built and she moored astern of us at the Folly last weekend after the Round the Island Race