Sunday, 29 July 2012

SARACEN - Design not known - three quarter ton yacht ??

Saracen possibly a Three Quarter Ton IOR Yacht do you know what design she is ?????


  1. Peter Norlin 35 fot design from 1979 called Albin Stratus. Won 3/4-ton cup that year in Denmark with the prototype "RegnbÄgen" (Rainbow).

  2. John Macarthy's Peterson 33? As all his boats were called Saracen, and prior to switching to Bruce Farr, did the worlds in a D.P 33, this might be her

  3. She is an Albin Stratus as the previous poster said. I know because I have sailed on her many times! She was owned by my Dad and is now owned by one of his best friends (my Dad now has a Sadler 34).