Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ocean Beetle - ocean racing yacht 1982 Brighton

Ocean Beetle racing yacht pictured here in 1982 at Brighton Marina. Do you know anything about this boat who designed her etc ????


  1. It's OCEAN BEETLE. Won the Round Britain in 1972 or 1973 on handicap.

  2. Not exactly sure if this will work, but we sail OceanBeetle out of Clyde Marina (Ardrossan), which is her current home base.Past winner of both AZAB and the Round Britain race

  3. Right >> looks like I've actually managed to reply. WOWZERS !! To cut a long story short four of us share OceanBeetle, having taken her over from her seond owner (Bill Foy). When we assumed responsibility for her ongoing maintenance Bill handed over a huge archive of pictures and press clippings that outlines her design, construction and racing prowess.

    It would be great if you could beam over the original image. I'd love to add that to our archive.